Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The other day I had a few minutes of free time... after some googling for inspiration I came up with these cake pops! My technique for Elmo was all wrong, so I'll have to try him again to make him more 'furry' - but I'm pretty happy with them overall! I have lots of opportunity to practice with the Angry Birds though, seems they are a favourite and I'm getting lots of order requests for them!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Swag

I bought some new things today! It's always exciting for me.. I usually buy things for my house, or my kids, but never really myself. Our local Winners has recently started carrying an awesome variety of baking items and I think I cashed in today! The cake pedestal has loops to interchange ribbons, or just leave plain. I only have a mini pedestal to hold a single cupcake, so this is fun for me!! I LOVE the blue plate - the pattern is awesome and will look great with cookies or cupcakes on it. Cannot wait to use it asap. I also bought the cake spinner - I've been asked recently to do some stacked cakes, so figured this would help with that.

My mom came to visit today and brought me the cupcake cookbook. Tons of great ideas.. very inspirational. Thanks mom <3

Speaking of mom, it's her birthday tomorrow and I'm currently up to my earlobes in baking for her - trying a new recipe! At least it *smells* good.

Some of my past projects...

These cookies are for a bridal shower. I love doing bridal cookies.. so pretty and simple :)

One of my green velvet cupcakes that I made for St Patrick's day... the icing was DIVINE ;)

These are just a few of the cookies I donated to a local charity called Prince George Dress Dreams. They collect dress donations to give to girls in need for their proms etc.. very good cause, and the least I could do! I'm happy to hear that they were well enjoyed :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Easter Cake Pops

I made cakepops today! Inside they are snickerdoodle cake with brown sugar buttercream frosting - YUM.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

St Patrick's day edition...

Ever since I was young I've loved to bake. I thank my Grandma for this - I remember her sneaking me into the bakery where she worked, showing me how to work some of the machines, and of course, do some taste testing.

About a month or so ago I started my own little baking business. I figured having a blog would be a good way to look back on all of my projects.......

I baked up some delicious st patty's day cake pops and cupcakes today! I'm not quite done the cupcakes... will post pictures of those later.

The green is kind of strange, but it tastes really good!